Who are we at our core?

We are an amazing team of enthusiastic, resourceful, bright individuals. The team improves by bringing in people who mirror our passion and push us to be better and think differently. We teach and learn from one another, with a common goal of growth and improvement.

We know our employees because we hired them, not just for their skillset and abilities, but also because of their character. We continue to have an unlimited vacation policy not because we are lazy and like to take many days off, but just the opposite; everyone here works hard, and whether you need a day or a week, you can take it.

We are excited about the journey we are on. We see the potential in the incredible people on our team and the technology we are developing. We are driven to provide the best products and strive for continuous improvement. 

Erbi Company Values:

We are passionate about what we do and are focused on constantly improving our customer’s experiences and outcomes.

We collaborate to help one another to find the people, tools, and ideas to creatively solve difficult problems.

We are a team made up of smart, innovative people who value hard work, dedication, and a motivation to learn and work together.

We recognize our success comes from the collective effort and contributions from each of our amazing and dedicated team members.

Current Openings

Erbi Biosystems, Inc. has been acquired by MilliporeSigma!

We continue to seek out talented individuals who want to help us grow our innovative cell culture products and business.

Please look for opportunities to work with us on the MilliporeSigma careers page here: Careers Section | EMD Group