Single-Use, 2mL Microbioreactor

The Breez™ for Intensified and Continuous Culture Processes

Imagine having more control, increased insights, and all the performance of benchtop bioreactors – with fewer people and less space requirements. With a Breez microbioreactor, it’s now possible.

Erbi’s Breez bioreactor is the only mL-scale platform that offers a fully automated, continuous True Perfusion™ culture. So, you can do everything you’re doing with a traditional bioreactor and more because you’ll get better control, the ability to easily run multiple experiments at once, and get more data. With the same number of people, the Breez system delivers 7-9 times more process development throughput than a 2L reactor, for less cost.

Do More with Less. A Lot More

Powering Perfusion at the Microscale


Imagine having more control, increased insight and all the performance of a 1L or 3L bioreactor with fewer people, less space requirements and lower OPEX/CAPEX requirements. With the Erbi Breez, it’s possible.

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Cell Therapy

Need to do more development with limited and expensive materials, especially with Autologous Cell Therapy Process Development?

  • Explore gene transfer conditions
  • Optimize activation, reagents & media
  • Perfect expansion and quality
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Meet Erbi Breez

How many bioreactors fit on your lab bench?


Each POD operates independently for temperature, media flow rate, pH, DO, CO2 and cell density control and up to four (4) PODs can run simultaneously on each Basestation. Each POD has its own internal memory storage and can run for 2 weeks before needing to reconnect to a computer to download stored data.


Self-contained, single-use consumable is functionally closed, gamma sterilized and ready to use. The Consumable includes the bottle rack and microbioreactor. The 2mL, perfusion microbioreactor integrates with pumps, mixing, cell retention and pH, DO and OD sensing.


Easy-to-use interface makes it easy to set up the experiment, monitor and control the PODs and microbioreactor consumable


The Hub includes the Basestation and CO2 Sensor Box. The Basestation holds the PODs and distributes electrical and pneumatic lines to each POD. The CO2 Sensor Box handles CO2 sensing for pH calibration and online CO2 headspace control for microbioreactor and bottles.


This kit includes everything necessary to characterize media to be used with the Breez system. The media used must be characterized to determine its relation between dissolved CO2 and pH. The pH sensors inside the cassettes can then be calibrated by adjusting the percentage of CO2 gas delivered to media, without adding or removing any liquid from the chamber during the run.

2L Benchtop (x12)

2mL Erbi Breez (x12)

Media prep, system set up, calibration, and sterility checks​

63 hours

9 hours

Experiment take down, cleaning, and storage

27 hours

1 hour

Number of people needed

3 people

1 person

~ 3 week media requirement



Total person-hours per 12 reactors

~90 hours

~10 hours

Reduce up to 30% of the time spent on preparation

We understand that there are lots of steps needed to set up and take down conventional bioreactors. We aim to save the customers time with a single use, fully disposable fluid path. All required bottles, pumps, filters, and online sensors are integrated into the consumable. This means no extra time spent on reactor assembly, sterilization, tear down, and clean up. Once your experiment is complete, dispose of the consumable and you are ready to start your next run. The small milliliter working volume also significantly reduces time spent on media and inoculation preparation as well as in process media exchanges.

  • System Delivery in 2-3 Weeks
  • Installation and training can be done remotely or in person
  • Capability for one person to setup three (3) Erbi Breez Systems (12 Microbioreactors) in less than 4 hours
  • Spend more time analyzing results and exploring more conditions to improve your process

Significantly smaller footprint for reactor and all associated support functions

An Erbi Breez system running 4 bioreactors requires 70% less bench space than the average 1L benchtop bioreactor

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Breez User Experience

“We will continue to use the Erbi Breez system in the future as a platform to optimize media formulations with model-based optimization strategies. The availability of a fully continuous perfusion system with good automation and control of important process parameters such as pH, DO and cell density, will reduce our use of labor intensive and costly stirred-tank bioreactors operated in perfusion mode.”

Hubert Schwarz, Ph.D. Student
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

How will the Erbi Breez improve your development process?

High performance cell culture for therapy development & personalized manufacture

  • Technology platform for mL-scale, intensified cell culture​
    • Proprietary micro-fluidic, single-use, scalable “bioreactor on a chip” applicable to nearly all suspension cell bioprocessing
    • Run more intensified cell process experiments with less benchspace and lower OPEX/CAPEX​
    • Uniquely delivers PD of intensified (10x FB) and continuous bioprocesses​
    • Developed at MIT with 40+ man-years of development invested​ ​
  • Suitable for many cell types and processes​
    • AAV & LV process environments can finally be explored rapidly with more ease​
    • Short(er) duration intensification options such as N-1 perfusion and dynamic perfusion​
    • Already used with CHO, T cells, Pichia, E. coli, HEK 293, Sp2/0


Preparation Time Savings


Less Required Media


Less Bench Space Per Bioreactor

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