Bioprocessing Development

As companies are expanding into development of new biotech products there are mounting pressures to be faster and managing costs becomes a challenge. Erbi Breez has been developed to allow customers the ability to culture cells without limitations.  The Breez can serve as a scale-up or scale-down model for process intensification and continuous processes that require True PerfusionTM while providing high gas transfer, O2 delivery, and CO2 stripping with low mechanical stress.  Having a closed loop control over pH, DO, temperature, and cell density all at a 2 mL scale enables the Erbi Breez to provide a great model for optimization of all scale independent process parameters.

Speed: Save time with a pre-sterilized microbioreactor cassette and integrated fluid delivery system with automated setup & calibration. No assembly, sterilization, or tear down time.

Individualized automation: Breez bioreactors can operate independently or in parallel.  They have an integrated filter to autonomously manage perfusion flow, enabling hands free flow control for applications such as N-1 Perfusion, media exchange, or cell concentration.

High performance: Reach cell densities in perfusion culture (>200M CHO cells/ml).

Scale-down model: Understand your large-scale processes with 1000-fold reduction in media and reagent costs.

Hands Free Reliability: Maintains steady state perfusion for over 30 days with automated and integrated cell density, pH, DO, and temperature control.

Demonstrated Performance with CHO

Example 1:  Scale-Down

  • 20 experiments in 3 months
  • Met customer expectations for cell density and protein titer
  • Generated data comparable to equivalent 10L glass bioreactor experiments
    • Enabled customer to test cell responses to mixing and different media formulations
    • Significantly less touch time than running equivalent stirred tank reactors

< 0.5 L media for 4 runs combined

4 replicates validates reproducibility
More processes, run by fewer people, with less interaction and variability

Example 2: Convert Fed-Batch Process to Perfusion Process Capable of:

    • Stable operation for > 20 days
    • Significant improvement in volumetric productivity
    • Acceptable media usage ( ≤ 2vvd)
    • Compatible product quality

Example 3:  Stirred Tank Equivalence (Cell Density and Mab Graphs)

  • Matches performance to a 200 mL stirred tank with ATF
  • High cell density and similar growth rate
  • Expected metabolite profiles
  • Equivalent protein titer and quality

Example 4:  Media Optimization 

  • 18 experiments to optimize media mixture containing 4 subcomponents
  • Quickly determine optimized media mixtures
  • Simple CSPR experiments with automated cell density control

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